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Galaxy Scientific QuasIR 2000 Portable fibre-coupled FT-NIR spectrometer
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Galaxy Quasir 2000 portable FT-NIR. Fibre optic coupled NIR spectrometer
QuasIR 2000 Galaxy Scientific Inc. is proud to present the QuasIR 2000. The QuasIR 2000 was engineered to offer the industry a new kind of NIR analysis solution. A solution that brings together the portability required to move NIR analysis closer to point-of-need, combined with unmatched spectroscopic performance for the fastest and most accurate results.      Portability & Performance  Galaxy Scientific offers a wide range of innovation to unleash the potential of NIR spectroscopy.  From our industry leading sampling designs, our PermAlignTM optics, network fleet management, to our new concepts in software and algorithms such as our Advanced-IDTM software for low concentration targeted screening.     Problem Solving Innovation Both Galaxy Scientific  and Clairet support staff have decades of experience in developing, deploying, and servicing NIR customers. We’ve learned that the successful creation of a NIR solution requires teamwork, and that our technical staff should be considered to be part of your team. We offer everything from training services to complete professional services so we can tailor solutions to best meet your needs. Offered services include method development as well as comprehensive calibration transfer services for customers who would like to migrate existing calibrations to a new NIR platform.
Galaxy Scientific QuasIR 2000 Portable fibre-coupled FT-NIR spectrometer
Registeed in England 2919549 
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