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No. Applications Note Industry Technique
01 What is Process Spectroscopy All All
02 Choosing your PAT approach All All
03 Getting to grips with sampling All All
04 NIR frequency correlation chart All NIR
05 Raman Spectroscopy - an Overview All Raman
06 Alcohol Fermentation monitored by Raman Food Bio Raman
07 Monitoring Emulsion Polymerisation Polymers Chemicals Raman
08 Monitoring a Pharmaceutical Crystal Transformation in situ Chemicals Pharma Raman
09 Wavelength Ranges of Fibre Optics All FTIR NIR Raman UV-Vis
10 Characteristic Raman Frequencies of Organic Groups All Raman
11 Characteristic Raman Frequencies of Inorganic Ions All Raman
12 Quantification of a Degradant in an Intact Pharmaceutical Tablet Pharma Raman
13 ABB Dryer Monitor Pharma Chemicals Food NIR
14 Kinetics of a Catalytic Hydrogenation Reaction Chemicals Pharma Food Raman
15 Caustic scrubbers Chemicals Pharma NIR
16 Solvent Drying MS Fast Facts Pharma Chemicals Mass Spec
17 Cleaning Validation Overview Pharma UV-Vis
18 Light Induced Fluorescence as a PAT tool All Pharma Chemicals Food LIF
19 Monitoring Grignard Production in Real Time Chemicals Pharma Raman
20 Mass Spec for polyethylene and polypropylene production Chemicals Polymers Mass Spec
21 Qualitative Quantitative Analysis of Bonded Silica Gel with FT-IR Chemicals FTIR
22 FT-NIR for Fast Quality Analysis of PET Packaging Material Polymers Packaging NIR
23 On-line conversion of styrene using NIR Polymers Chemicals NIR
24 Solvent Recovery Chemicals Pharma NIR
25 Real-Time Monitoring of Isocyanates During Polyurethane Synthesis Polymers Chemicals NIR
26 Fast Analysis of Plastic Films Using FT-IR Polymers Chemicals FTIR
27 Monitoring of Hydroxyl & Acid Values in a Polyurethane Batch Reactor Polymers Chemicals NIR
28 Brewing Applications Food Brewing NIR
29 Analysis of Mammalian cell culture Bio Pharma Raman
30 Transmission Raman All Raman
31 Applications of ATR UV-Vis in physical form characterisation of APIs Pharma UV-Vis
32 Polymorph Characterization of APIs Using Low-Frequency Raman Pharma Low wavenumber Raman
33 Color Measurement Overview All Visible
34 Quantifying Acetic Acid in Vinegar Food NIR
35 Benzene Quantification in process streams Chemicals UV-Vis
36 Chemical Analysis of Bleach Chemicals NIR
37 Colour Measurement All Visible
38 Enzyme Detection in Flour Food LIF
39 Measurement of Benzoic acid in Toluene Chemicals NIR
40 Measurement of Plastic Coatings in Automotive Components Automotive NIR
41 Moisture in Powders All NIR
42 Moisture in Wood Chips Agriculture, Energy NIR
43 Reaction Monitoring with Diode Array NIR and UV-Vis All NIR, UV-Vis
44 Thz-Raman for Amorphous-Crystalline Transformation of Indomethacin Pharma THz Raman
45 THz-Raman Co-crystal Screening Pharma THz Raman
46 THz-Raman Crystallization & Reaction Monitoring Pharma Chemicals THz Raman
47 THz-Raman Polymorph ID Pharma THz Raman
48 Quantifying Degree of Crystallinity Pharma Chemicals THz Raman
49 MB-Rx - Reaction Monitoring Example All FTIR
50 FT-NIR Lab Analyzer for Oils, Fats, Oleochemicals Food Chemicals NIR
51 Kinetics of a Catalytic Hydrogenation Reaction Chemicals Pharma Food Raman
52 The EM spectrum in wavenumbers, microns and nanometers All All
53 Non-invasive monitoring of powder mixing Pharma Chemicals Food NIR
54 Monitoring the anatase to rutile composition of titanium dioxide Chemicals Raman
55 Applications of FTIR in petroleum refining Petrochem FTIR NIR
56 A closed loop control primer All All
57 Heterogeneous mixtures and polymorphs choose your weapon All All
58 Studying microwave assisted reactions with Raman Pharma Chemicals Raman
59 Engineering a system to enable spectroscopy in a filter dryer Pharma Chemicals NIR
60 Brewing applications of spectroscopy Food NIR UV-vis
61 Rapid Monitoring of Antisolvent Addition Crystallization Pharma Chemicals Raman
62 In Situ Crystallization Monitoring Pharma Chemicals Raman
63 FT-NIR spectroscopy for biopharmaceutical applications BioPharma NIR
64 Polymer melt processing Polymers Raman
64 Polymer melt processing Polymers Raman
65 Explosives Detection with Handheld Raman Homeland security Handheld Raman
66 Quick identification of Opiod Containing Drugs with Raman Government Handheld Raman
67 FT-NIR Analysis of Feed and Feed Ingredients Food FT-NIR
68 Detecting Melamine Adulteration in Milk Powder Industry Technique
69 Model Transfer from FT-NIR to FT-NIR All FT-NIR
70 Rapid Detection of Food Adulteration by FT-NIR Spectroscopy Food FT-NIR
71 Pharmaceutical Raw Material Identification Pharma FT-NIR
72 Analyzing the Microstructure of Blend Samples Pharma Biotech Chemicals Technique

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